What is the Ultimate Credit Tune-Up?

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The Ultimate Credit Tune-Up

The Ultimate Credit Tune-Up program is an effective, reliable and time-tested step by step process that utilizes four Federal Credit Laws to help my clients ensure the completeness and accuracy of all of the items listed on their credit reports.

The four Federal Credit Laws protecting consumers are:

FCRA -   The Fair Credit Reporting Act
FACTA - The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
FDCPA - The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
FCBA -   The Fair Credit Billing Act

These four federal laws give my clients a remarkable amount of power when utilized correctly. The Ultimate Credit Tune-Up process can result in legally removing derogatory and inaccurate trade lines on your credit report and in some cases, an increase of your credit score anywhere from 20 to 100 points or more in as little as 45 days!

I do this by utilizing these federal credit laws and legally forcing the credit bureaus, to provide "proof of accuracy" for the information listed on your credit report or removing it. If they can not get the verification in the time frame allowed by the FCRA, they must remove the item from your report.
Simply put, the credit bureaus.. must prove it or remove it.

As your Credit Rights Advocate, I will review your full credit report to determine the areas that need attention, positive or negative, and in what order to address those concerns. Using my custom designed dispute software system, I can efficiently follow each step of the dispute process to help you correct the errors and unverifiable information being reported on your credit report. Ultimately resulting in higher credit scores!

The "turn-key" client program is very simple:
1) Sign and mail the custom dispute letters I send to you.
2) Retain all of the responses from the credit bureaus.   
3) Mail, email or fax the bureau responses back to me.

This proven successful system has been developed to be the most powerful credit score management solution available. Please contact me about my affordable flat fee (no monthly payments) and the money back guarantee! Take the time and get started on your Ultimate Credit Tune-Up today!

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